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Using your employees' intelligence to solve strategic challenges is imperative in today's hyper-connected world. Your company cannot be left behind. Join the club of companies that systematically profit from the ideas of their workforce. Become the market leader.

We work with its employees to encourage innovation in processes, products and business models. We use technology tools, provide training and implementation methodology for your new ideas program. We give you everything you need to accelerate innovation and leave your competitors in the dust.



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ideas program


Foster the generation of ideas

Evaluation of ideas


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▶ What is an Ideas Program?

An ideas program is a structured and democratic process in which all employees can suggest solutions to the organization's most critical problems. Problems are defined by the company's leadership and a team is responsible for the success of the program. All contributors can contribute any idea.

By structuring and disseminating an ideas program, it is possible to provide the entire company with the same information about the challenges the company faces, as well as the opportunities.

Collaborators are encouraged to generate a large volume of ideas and to know the quality criteria. They are trained to be part of the company's strategy and innovation process. See the figure below how the ideas program works.

▶ Why do an ideas program with PilarX?


Managing and launching an ideas program is complex. It takes a team with the ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels - right down to the CEO.  The program manager needs to have training in competitive and corporate strategy to analyze which ideas will have the greatest impact. In addition, you need to structure the entire idea selection process and execute each idea in the best way. 

These are all complex skills that we have in our team. All of our project managers have experience in strategy consulting and graduate degrees in areas related to entrepreneurship and innovation. 

In addition, we partner with AEVO, which provides the technology platform for managing the ideas program. 

In this way, we combine all the necessary elements for the success of your program. Contact us today and take the first step towards starting a successful brainstorming program. 

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