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What if you could choose from a range of ideas that improve your products and services, with teams ready to implement them?​

Many entrepreneurs seek to partner with companies, not just to get contracts and investment, but to gain access to clients and executives. It is possible to establish a win-win relationship, viable for both parties and at low cost.​


Innovation challenges are one of the main services offered byPillarX, we take care ofstrategy, logistics and implementation of the event, looking to make the experience of both the hiring company and the candidates the best possible.



Our focus when developing innovation challenges for our customers is to meet their greatest needs and demands. ​

In this phase, we define objectives, participating executives, challenge themes and awards.



At this stage, the goal is to adapt our content to the target audience of the challenges, previously selected, and come up with strategies to draw their attention in the most efficient way possible.​


PillarX will be responsible for both dissemination and selection of participants through online campaigns and using partnerships with incubators, accelerators and universities



We want to provide an experience that both the company and the challenge participants will never forget. ​

We create moments of interaction, mentoring with company executives and training on topics such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Corporate Venture and participation in pitches.

The idea is for participants to develop the best possible ideas for the challenge and for the company's executive team to learn to think more like an entrepreneur.



Finally, comes the final part of the innovation challenges process. The challenges and events themselves. On this day our task is to get everything working.


So that competitors can present their ideas in the best possible way, and so that the company that is providing the challenge can obtain satisfactory results and reward the winners.



We helped the company define the award process, defining a panel of evaluators, creating award categories and evaluation criteria. 



At the end of it all, we work with the company and the finalist startups to implement improvements and new projects together with  management and direction of companies.​

Pilot projects can improve the customer experience, help spread your brand or improve your operation.

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